Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cafe Blues at Zumbar Coffee and Tea

Cafe adventures! I discovered a hole in the wall place called Zumbar Coffee and Tea which I absolutely fell in love with at first sip and I just wanted to share my experience with y'all.

Yes, literally the sign is "Coffee Shop"

                            Absolutely LOVE the cute designs they have on the foam!

Keepin' it cool with a blue floral button-down and a black skirt.
These stellar shoes are Steve Madden.

Crazy how Yelp can help you find your favorite coffee place. Zumbar is definitely one of those cafes I would go to just to escape typical La Jolla and have some quality coffee with some friends. I'll definitely come here again :). Thanks for looking through and have a cool summer everyone!

Much love,

Deborah Cho


  1. Cutie. Second picture is my favorite. The photos came out very nice! Miss you and your smile!

  2. Aweee thanks :D I miss you too! You should visit SD before school begins so we can play.