Monday, June 16, 2014

Style Report: It's Officially Summer!

Since finals are over we can now go enjoy the sun that our skin has been deprived of for the past two weeks or so (hah) and have fun. But whether you're going to the beach or just chilling with some friends, here are some summer beauty and fashion tips to help you stay cool. 

1. Sun screen, sunblock, BB cream.
I'm just going to start with the basics here because I cannot stress how important sun block is. It's amazing how many people DON'T wear sun block or sunscreen despite knowing about skin cancer and other harmful effects that it has on our skin (early aging, sun burn, etc.)! This simple beauty habit goes a long way and only takes less then a minute to apply on your face.

2. Hats hats, and more hats.
The fedora, tortilla hat (hah), patterned snap backs and straw hats are IN. They are one of the funnest accessories you can have and can definitely make a statement piece. Since they often provide some shade for your face too you're essentially killing two birds with one stone.

 3. Colored lenses for sunglasses.
You might have seen those aqua or green colored Ray Bans floating about on campus. They're currently the trend since around Coachella and they're great cause they pop out more then regular neutral colored lenses.

4. Anything BUT jean shorts.
Shorts shenanigans. Jean shorts shall always be a staple to every wardrobe, but this summer you'll definitely see some interesting shorts out there. The scalloped, asymmetrical, lace, and patterned shorts are some of the more popular shorts to look for this summer. They're great cause they add variety to a wardrobe.

5. Crop tops!
They are here to stay as a summer trend. If you're confused on how to wear crop tops modestly, you can go to my post here. Overall pairing these with a cute skirt or billowy pants will put you in the fashion spotlight anywhere.

Well guys, here are the fantastic five things to be aware of this summer! Make sure to keep your cool and stay safe as you all go do your thing. :)

Much love,

Deborah Cho

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