Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nervous about what to wear when meeting his parents? Read this!

A quick and easy outfit for a good impression to meet his parents :)
Meeting his parents can be an easily nerve-racking situation. So I made a quick guide to ease that anxiety from choosing the proper outfit.

Top things to take into consideration:

1. Take note of their opinion. Assume that their parents will talk about you afterwards so try to not wear anything detracting from your awesome personality.

2. Dress for the occasion! If you're going to eat you'll probably want to avoid all white clothing to avoid being super stain conscious. Know the weather and the type of restaurant you'll be going to. Remember to bring a jacket just in case you spill something!

Takin' a stroll down this lovely cul de sac.

Jean jacket and a sweet dress = perfect casual.

Meeting his parents may be daunting, but a nice outfit can definitely subtract stress from the situation. Make sure to dress comfortably and fight off the urge to be anyone else but yourself; enjoy the experience and have fun! Chances are that they'll like you :)

Much love,

Deborah Cho

Photo credit: Mr. John Ho (Thanks for taking these quick snaps for me!)

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