Friday, May 23, 2014

Random Sweater Weather

Cold, windy weather in May? This week reminded me of of La Jolla's ever changing weather yet again (Last week was in the 90's! THE 90'S!). I guess I made the best of it by bringing out my new cowboy boots to break in: 

Yes I'm mainly sitting down because I'm tired from just finishing a midterm!

I love boots, even more so cowboy boots. They make me feel refreshed after so many months of conventional mid length boots because of the character they add to the outfit. Plus they make me have the sudden urge to go line dancing and listen to good ol' country music (Did I get the country bug? Maybe, maybe...)

Also, shout out to Kelly Rabanal for being my very first sponsor! Her knit bows are absolutely adorable and you can get your own here:
All proceeds go towards her fundraiser to participate in InterVarsity membership and retreats!

Thanks for looking everyone!

Much love,

Deborah Cho

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