Monday, May 12, 2014

Flower Crown Matching Gown

What better way to celebrate spring other then a flower crown? This quintessential accessory is utterly splendid for spring time and Sun God (heh). The flower crown I'm wearing is a DIY.



I love wearing the flower crown with a more simple dress so that it really stands out. It becomes the centerpiece of an outfit and I learned to rock it after a few compliments. For those of you who want to know which tutorial I used for this DIY, here's the video:


Some extra tips on making a flower crown:
1. Use flowers that are not very tall (i.e. roses, tulips, etc) because the height can become overbearing. If you want to use flowers that do have height, I highly recommend small ones. I made this mistake and had to redo my crown :(

2. I found that putting flowers in different angles really helps in making it look more natural and wreath-like.

3. If you use different types of flowers, make sure to plan accordingly so that it looks even and covers the entire crown.

I am holding my first giveaway! I want to reward one of you with your a free handmade flower crown or boyfriend pillow with a personal note of thanks. You can enter by simply liking my up and running Facebook page and become a fan:

If you want additional entries you can do any of the below:
1. Comment on the blog or any of the posts.
2. Comment on my Facebook page
3. Share my Facebook page (Extra kudos here :)

The winner of the prize will be posted on my blog next week on Monday, May 19 by 7 PM!


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