Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fashion History 101: Short Shorts (+ preventing underwear shorts)

Hello Elizabeth! Thanks for your suggestion. Though I am ALL for your statement and I do think that underwear shorts need to leave, I've come to an understanding that no matter how much I prance around begging people to stop showing too much, it's going to be impossible. So to lessen the burning sensation in our eyes, I want to thoroughly elaborate on why short shorts are embedded in our culture and that underwear shorts are merely a side effect. At the end of the post, I've provided different measures we can all take to prevent underwear shorts among our midst.

Short shorts are part of our history and have been part of social media since the earlier 1940's. Since then, this trend just hasn't stopped. To expatiate, below are photos of women depicting the history of this trend:
1945 Barbara Bates
Marilyn Monroe: 1949
1956 Cleo Moore
1960 James Fonda
1975 Wonder Woman
1990's Tiffany Thiessen
2003 BeyoncĂ©
2005 Jessica Simpson
2014 Taylor Swift

With this insane amount of media coverage, short shorts became a staple in many wardrobes, but sometimes people overdo it (Can I hear an Amen anyone?). They are supposed to be interesting by showing more leg but classy enough to cover the essentials. Because of this possible "flaw", it is very easy to accidentally show too much. Here is the logic behind underwear short shorts:

Often times girls see that the front is perfectly fine before they walk out the door:

However, after walking or sitting their behind ends up looking like this:

Bleckkk right? Hardly anyone wants to see this! If we want to stop this from happening, people must take action against it. Here are different ways to prevent this wardrobe malfunction:
  1. When shopping with lady friends, tell them to walk around the hall first then check their behind. (Say something like "OOHHH girl, your booty is showing! No.")
  2. When alone, crouch for 5 seconds and after standing, turn around to check your booty in the mirror. (If you're admiring your butt lining, then that's a no hah). From the front, if the bottom of your shorts hit your wrists, you're probably showing too much. 
  3. Remember that while walking and sitting, shorts often ride up. If you just got up from sitting down, pull your shorts down as an extra measure! (A small tug will do, don't pantse yourself.)
With this, I definitely think that we can declare war over underwear shorts and save people's eyes. Summer is coming around so tiny shorts are going to be popular- prepare yourselves everyone!

Much love,

Deborah Cho

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