Thursday, May 15, 2014

Escape the Sun God Fashion Faux Pas!

Are you ready for Sun God? Know that dancing and hot weather pose its own fashion challenges and avoid these faux pas. Here are some practical tips to keep in mind while getting ready for this highly anticipated music festival.

1. Strapless? Perhaps not. You probably shouldn't go with the strapless bra unless you know that your bra is dance proof (meaning it's super magical and doesn't ride down every 20 minutes). I've seen wayyy too many girls pulling up their strapless bras while dancing and it just looks inconvenient.

2. Think about tan lines. If you're planning on wearing an intricate top with cute criss-cross straps or a halter, just know that this Friday is going to be super hot and you're probably going to get those lines imprinted on your skin.

3. Booty check! If you're pulling out short shorts or high waisted shorts, try walking around in them first and then see where your hands fall at the ends of your shorts while standing. If they are hitting your wrist or your lower palm, then you're probably showing the public too much booty. You can always check the mirror or ask a truthful friend for verification. Though I'm sure your bum is lovely, most people don't want to see it. Also, constantly pulling down your shorts adds another inconvenience to Sun God.

4. Use sweat proof makeup! You don't want to feel or look super oily while perspiring profusely on a day like this. Make sure to use waterproof makeup and bring a packet of oil paper to prevent smudging your eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara.

Other then that, make sure to wear sun screen to avoid sun burns! Have a fashion-malfunction free Sun God everyone!

Much Love,

Deborah Cho

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