Thursday, May 15, 2014

Classy Crop Tops

I admit, most times when I see crop tops around campus I cringe a little. My first response to them is that they just show wayyy too much skin - I would NEVER wear a crop top! However, as I've been more exposed to differing variations of this midriff-baring trend, I've grown accustomed to accepting this in moderation.

I think this trend is the same as short shorts: they're okay as long as they cover the assets decently.

Jamie Chung: Pretty and casual. This outfit really convinced me that crop tops can be classy.

Emma Stone: Absolutely gorgeous in tropical and bright colors. 

Miranda Kerr: I don't even think I need to explain. 

Treat the crop top like that standout piece. You have to be very strategic about the amount of skin you reveal and think about why you are wearing the crop top. Are you wearing it because you want to be sexy or chic? If the latter, then pairing a non cleavage cut crop top with a long skirt or nice pants will do. If sexy, focus on the crop top to show your best assets but still cover your legs to not overdo it.

To get the gist of this point, here are some over-the-top sexy examples:

Jamie Chung: Sexy plunge but still classy with the pants.

Cara Delevigne: Lookin' fierce, feminine, and androgynous. 

Overall crop tops can be a fun addition to your personal style as long as you are aware of the outfit as a whole. As you can see I'm all for modesty, but I also believe that trends have so many interpretations that one shouldn't feel excluded from them. Stay posh ladies!

Much Love,

Deborah Cho

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