Thursday, April 24, 2014

Coachella Inspired Sun God

Not feeling the crop tops and short shorts? Click below for some stylish alternatives!
Sun God IS coming up so hey why not some Coachella inspiration? I decided to do some research for everyone and went around the ENDLESS amounts of Coachella photos to find more conservative outfits that can be used for inspiration. Here are ten of my favorite outfits from various magazines!

Plan on wearing shirts and shorts? Make it your own with shirt choice and accessories!

For an alternative, rompers are easy, breezy, and malfunction proof. 

For more daring outfits, be bold with a summer dress (since most people are going to wear shorts)

Overall, dress comfortably for both the weather and possible dancing! Also, make sure to wear sunblock and stay hydrated. Have fun ladies!

Much Love,
Deborah Cho



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